Room At the Inn – A Digital Piano’s Tale

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So you’re thinking of buying a digital piano this Christmas. You’ll need to send a note to Santa then. After all, he’s got the job of parcelling it up and getting it delivered…. down the chimney. That’s the easy bit as the question still remains ‘Where are we going to put it?’ Not sure. What about a contemporary Digital Piano, also known as Electric Piano? Reply to self:  it will need ready access to electricity and all the plug points are in use! Then there’s the piano stool and the lessons. These are the questions that will flow through your mind as you start to consider your purchase and hopefully arrive at your decision in time for the ‘big day’.

Size matters:

The Digital Piano is a suitable contender for the dining room or middle bedroom measuring in at a width around 1400mm.

So which is the piano to buy?

Whether you enjoy the classic tones of the upright acoustic or the more contemporary recreated sounds of the electronic Digital Piano – the choice is personal to you. The Digital Piano produces a generous variety of pre-set keyboard timbres so you can choose the settings e.g. grand piano, vibraphone & various electric pianos sounds. Similarly with the Electric Piano  You can incorporate other basic “synthesizer’’ sounds to your taste such as string ensemble, rock band, vocals etc. Of course headphones, amps & connections for composition software are all extras that may tip the balance on deciding which one to play. Today’s piano whether it’s a Digital Piano or Electric Piano is seem as an additional piece of furniture rather than just a keyboard. The colour range is much more flexible in that the traditional black and ‘woodeffect’  brown are available but also high gloss white, pink and blue. These latter pastel shades are highly appealing to the younger end of the market who would like their Digital Piano or Electric Piano to accessorise with their bedroom décor and their latest mobile phone! By the way… the piano stool is the next matching accessory…

Are you sitting comfortably?

There are numerous stools on the market to choose from both in manufactured materials and colour range as mentioned above. You can purchase a piano stool to suit your purse as well as your posture. Many piano stools are sold separately but are ultimately made to be utilised with and compliment the Digital piano or Electric Piano laid before them. A piano stool can be single or double seated with a lift-up lid in which to store music manuscripts etc. In fact the choices are endless so do remember to choose the right piano stool.

A note to Santa.

So there you have it. You’ve read the jargon and decided on your purchase. Everyone is happy. There’s just one question. Will it fit? Is there room at the Inn for this Christmas arrival?


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