The Piano – It’s Child’s Play

Mozart was a gifted child prodigy both on the piano and as a composer. This wunderkind began to play at three years old and spent much time picking out small chords and would be pleased when his music sounded discernibly good. By the age of four he learned his first piece of music on the piano. By his fifth birthday in 1761, Mozart sat down at the keyboard and half an hour later he learned to play the piece. It was a scherzo by the Viennese composer Wagenseil. A scherzo in Italian musical terms is described as a joke.

But this story is no laughing matter as our Classical piano prodigy transfers in modern day USA to Emily Bear now aged 12 from Rockford, Illinois. Emily has played the Grand PianoWolfgang Amadeus Mozart Portrait for audiences at The White House and her own house. She says ‘It just comes out to me. It’s probably in my heart’. She was playing a C major scale standing on her piano stool at home at the age of two. Likewise her brother and sister who play the acoustic guitar and harp are equally musical. The ‘P’ word however is not one that is used in the Bear home.

Her musical ambition does not stop there…

…as Emily not only plays piano she also composes and would like to play the flute. At a similar age to Mozart when his father booked him his first European Tour in 1763, Emily is always busy practicing for a forthcoming event whether it be a concert with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra in 2009 in which she performed on a Grand Piano Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 23 or her Carnegie Hall debut in 2010. She says of her favourite composer ‘I like Mozart and he likes me’. Emily enjoys all types of music not just from the Classical era. She plays jazz piano and New Age too appearing in the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2011.So if you want to play the piano just follow the story of Mozart And The Three Bears – its child’s play.


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