Choosing the right piano stool for the job

Sir Winston Churchill once said ‘Why stand when you can sit!

So why is keeping the correct posture so important?

Consider the fairy sitting on her toadstool adding a sense of enchantment and nostalgia to the garden. She looks comfortable; no wriggling or sliding off and all actions are effortless to her. The correct posture helps prevent her body from damage and stress that might occur while sitting through the long hours on her toadstool.

And why is it so important to find a suitable piano stool?

Similarly good posture on the right piano stool allows us to produce continuous power and flow while we play. The result is greater sensitivity and focus due to having the right ‘stool for the job’.

Sir Winston Churchill also said“… courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen’’. Sitting on your piano stool and listening are two essential elements associated with playing your keyboard be it a Grand piano or digital piano. Firstly, sit at the stool with your feet on the ground; knees slightly under the keyboard; sit on the front half of the piano stool; straight back with your elbows slightly higher than the keyboard; loose shoulders & long neck with your palms curved as if holding a tennis ball; think ‘puppet’ and keep your arms buoyant.

Will I always sit at that same height on the piano stool?Chase Duet Piano Stool With Storage Compartment

As a musicians playing changes and grows, he may find himself releasing in places so will need to sit higher, or firming up in other places, necessitating a lower piano stool position. Likewise, with junior students and teenagers their growth will necessitate the re-positioning of the piano stool height so their feet can touch the Grand Piano or digital piano pedals.

How much choice do I have when buying a suitable Grand Piano or digital piano stool?

There are numerous stools on the market to choose from both in manufactured materials and colour range. You can purchase a piano stool to suit your purse as well as your posture. A piano stool these days is made of solid wood, or ‘look alike’ wood effect. Piano stools are available in a range of colours including black, brown, white, pink and blue. Many piano stools are sold separately but are ultimately made to be utilised with and compliment the Grand piano or digital piano laid before them. A piano stool can be single or double seated with a lift-up lid in which to store music manuscripts etc. In fact the choices are endless so do remember to choose the right piano stool. For as Churchill didn’t say ‘’A  poor craftsman blames his stool’’.

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